We are a unique dance studio that trains all dancers to become well rounded professional dancers with a core training in ballet, and we recognize this as the key to excelling in all other dance genres. No longer are you having to choose which class your dancer can take, Belle Fouette Dance Studio trains all students to become well rounded professional dancers. We are working and loving our dancers from the inside out with our teaching styles and our Beyond Dance program. Goal: To have professional dancers perform, travel, succeed and become the strongest person they envisioned themselves to be! Vision: To be the leading dance studio performing ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical and many more dance styles! Mission: To install a drive in our young dancers that will change or enhance their vision on how they see themselves!

#BFdance Est. 2015

Text 505-301-1245


252 Madison Ave, Unite 104

Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861